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Floor Plans
Furniture Selections and Specifications
Finish Selections and Specifications
Fixture Selections and Specifications

Services Include

Color Consulting
Graphics Layouts
CAD Drawings
3D Models

Yoke Design Services is committed to making your space function for you. Our top priority is finding the right solution that best fits your needs.  Whether you need to turn your home office into a nursery or you need to add additional desks in a small office, Yoke can offer several attainable solutions within your budget. Yoke Design Services works each project keeping in mind how the space will function and how it will reflect each client’s image and unique personality.


Yoke Design Services was formed by two friends who graduated design school together. Owen Lane and Melissa Spidle both earned Interior Design, Bachelors of Fine Arts degrees from Southern Institute School of Interior Design in 2012. Owen immediately went to work in residential and commercial furniture while I became a preschool teacher. Owen and I remained friends and kept in touch through the years. We started doing small design jobs on the side and eventually, Yoke Design Services was established in May of 2017.

We chose the name Yoke because we value and prioritize how space functions before all else. A Yoke is designed to fit around the neck of an ox so they can pull heavy loads. With a well-designed Yoke, a pair of oxen can most efficiently and comfortably plow a field giving a farmer the highest yield of productivity for his investment. If a Yoke is ill-fitting and uncomfortable the oxen struggle to achieve their task while time and money are lost. As a team, we will work together to create custom designs and keep you comfortably within your budget. Yoke Design Services does the heavy pulling and custom fitting so your space reflects your purpose and individuality. We look forward to providing you solutions that enhance your space and make life more enjoyable. -Melissa Spidle